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Monster High - Monstren Regerar - DVD Originaltitel: Monster High: Ghouls RuleReleasedatum: 2012-10-24Bolag: Universal Sony Pictures Home Ent. 129 kr Köp
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Monster High - Great Scarrier Reef - DVD Join the Monster High ghouls on an all new aquatic, adventure, as they dive deep into the crystal blue waters of The Great Scarrier Reef. When the ghouls get pulled into the school pool, they find themselves transported to a world of coral and florals—a wild underwater wonderland! But Lagoona is not there to see the sights— she’s on mission of the heart, as she realizes she has come home! She must confront her childhood nemesis and bully, come to terms with her own freaky flaws, win an aquatic dance extravaganza, and fight a terrible beast from the deep.So take the plunge — you won’t believe what awaits you under the waves! 119 kr Köp
Finns i lager Leveranstid: 2-4 Arbetsdagar
Disney - Flygplan - BluRay 165 kr Köp
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